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Weapon Retention
Weapon Defense

JET’s integrated balance manipulation reduces a subject’s ability to resist or escalate to give officers significant advantages during approach and contact.

JET techniques provide multiple response options that emphasize safe, immediate control and immobilization, so officers can end the threat before it becomes a fight. 

JET is direct, fast and structural, and just as critical, easy to learn and simple to apply.


JET News

Durango Colorado SunsetJET-IS Arrest-Control Training
May 2-6 in Durango, Colorado

JET-IS Arrest-Control instructor certification course – enrollment open to all agencies. Training includes arrest-control methods with weapon retention. Register via the JET Calendar, or email, or call Thomas Holmes at (970) 799-7632 for more information. 

JET Article in Police Magazine

Check out our recent article on Balance Manipulation in Arrest Control published in Police Magazine both in print and online at You can access the article directly at

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